Massage Shanghai

Service Hours: 1 pm - 2 am

Lotus Sauna offers excellent massage service in Shanghai.

Our luxury private sauna is located in a four star hotel in downtown Shanghai.

Massage in Shanghai

Over 30 extremely beautiful girls for you to choose.

We provide a full package of service to relax your body and mind.

Also included are a sauna bath , rest rooms and complimentary food and drinks.


Enjoy the Shanghai style sauna and soap massage in the four star hotel.

We don’t cut corners with our service.

Enjoy professional massages in spacious, luxurious massage rooms.

Massage in Shanghai

Massage in Shanghai


Located within a four star hotel, you can be guaranteed of a both private and clean environment.

Lotus Sauna prides itself on the large, luxurious beds it offers where clients can enjoy a range of massage services.

By making a prior reservation with the manager Jeff, clients can enjoy a discounted price for our services.

If there is a particular girl that you would like for your service, then you can can ask for them directly when booking to ensure they are available.Massage in Shanghai